Audition bento poses & custom animations, former Embody – started August 2019 – reopened April 2021.


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Animator for Salt&Pepper – 2020 – present.

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Salt&Pepper – Amelia

Salt&Pepper – The Secretary

Salt & Pepper – Christmas Bell


Vanilla Bae
Animator – 2018 – present

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Vanilla Bae Flickr


Examples of landscaping & decor. (I’d be more than happy to show you my landscaping and decorating in person upon request.)

Personal projects


The Legend of Wooley Swamp

Collaboration with my partner Mathias Laurent

Article by Inara Pey 

Designing Worlds by Saffia Widdershins 

Designing Worlds – Episode 424 – from 04.38 – 26.26 minutes.

Article by Really Virtual

Scoop.it – Second Life Destinations by Annie Brightstar

The Legend of Wooley Swamp – Flickr group

SL18B Main Stage test parcel decorations

“Hidden Worlds”

Prim allowance: 350

All the images are raw and not edited in photoshop.

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SL17B Auditorium test area & Festival test area decorations


“Vacation and Road Trips”

Prim allowance: 350

All images are raw and not edited in photoshop.

Festival / Live Stage test area

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Auditorium test area

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Private Second Life homestead – 2020 – 2022

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Private Second Life homestead – 2019-2020

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Posesion Productions – XXX Event
Graphical Designer & Photographer.

(Owner decided to go with a static poster each month, but has kept my information on hand in case things change)


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MadPea Productions
Graphical Designer & Photographer.

Work consisted a lot of taking high quality PNGs, as well as ad photos. Some of these ads are no longer available in official form on social media, as they have been retired.

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Bellisseria wedding of Ravyen Woodward & Red Daidig.

Image gallery




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